December 14, 2021


I love your lady on the wall...did you paint it?

Cut It Out promise their customers that once the wall stickers are applied they look like they have been 'hand painted' blending seamlessly onto your walls. I was ... Read More >
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September 15, 2021


Quality of the wall sticker is superb

The quality of the sticker is superb, since it is really thin yet vinyl that will give out a 'painted' feel. I am fond of 'statement shirts', and I have yet to place anything on the ... Read More >
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August 17, 2021


Pablo Picasso wall sticker

Pablo Picasso wall sticker on the wall
One thing that comes from having children and grandkids is ART!!! The kids LOVE to give gifts of art!! Things that they have painted, colored or drawn to the ones they love!! Kids are great artists!! I have always loved receiving homemade items!! Now that I have three grandkids I get artwork as gifts again!!! So I hang things on the fridge. I tack them on the wall. I’ve never had a ‘set’ place for my artwork. Until NOW!!!!! I am giddy with today’s review!! This is the COOLEST wall sticker!!! Cut It Out has wall stickers for every room, every taste! Every COLOR even!! Take a look at my new wall sticker!!

Every Child Is An Artist by Pablo Picasso
How perfect is that for the ‘Art Wall’ in my home?!??! I was so giddy about my wall I was texting a picture to everyone in my phone!! I love this decal!!!
Pablo Picasso wall sticker close up
Cut It Out wall art stickers are quality made! My wall sticker truly looks like I painted this saying on my wall!! (Well, if I were that talented and could actually paint! That is!!) These will last up to 25 years when applied indoors!! These are also easily removable!! So it’s safe for renters!! Professionally cut out of vinyl with no white borders or reflective overlay! These are made of premium matt finish!! It truly TRULY looks painted on my wall!!

Each and every wall sticker is made to order by Cut It Out!! In the size and color you want! I can’t believe the colors they have available!! Putting the decal on the wall is super easy! I watched the video below first and seriously, it was that easy!! Even with a large size decal like I received.
Pablo Picasso wall sticker with app tape on
There are so many more designs I want!! I would love to know which decal you would love to own and where you would put your decal!!???
I give Cut It Out two very enthusiastic thumbs way WAY UP!!!
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June 22, 2021


Stag's Head Wall Sticker

I really love the way it adds another bit of 'that's unusual' to the room. This bedroom really was a blank canvas for me, and I went slightly crazy with it. Nothing really matches or 'fits together' but th ... Read More >

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May 24, 2021


The room is now a lovely haven of prettiness

So when my wall sticker arrived Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get it on the wall, however I did have my doubts on how easy it was going to be to actually to apply. After watching the tutorial on how to apply to stick ... Read More > View full article →
April 22, 2021


We Personalise Our Wall Stickers

Personalised Wall StickersThe hardest part about this review was choosing which Wall Sticker !! There is something for everyone, every style , every room .. The images on the site give a clear example of how the Wall Stickers may look in your chosen room. Cut It Out also personalise stickers,  th ... Read More > View full article →
March 01, 2021


Inspirational home office wall sticker

home office wall stickerMy home office has finally come to be. Now what I needed was to prettify it and when I had an opportunity to review wall stickers from Cut It Out Wall Stickers I thought it would make for a perfect decoration. I love those simplistic designs on walls that have been flooding my Pinterest wall. It was quite ha ... Read More > View full article →
February 12, 2021


Always look on the bright side of things

wall sticker ready for the wallI am so happy there is an easy method to turn plain walls into something you always want to look at. I think wall sticker art idea in general is just genius! It was really nice to discover a company what was created with its customers in mind. I got to chose any wall art sticker I wanted, and it was... Read More >
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January 12, 2021


Where I rest my head

Hi am Polly and I feel like all I’ve talked about lately is decorating! The trouble with painting one room, is that then you realise that all the other rooms need a...  Read More >
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December 16, 2020


Tree wall sticker shipped over to the USA

I won’t deny that I was slightly worried about buying a product from outside the U.S as I thought the delivery time would be ridiculously long, but low and behold I received my item faster than any package that I have order in the...  Read More > View full article →
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