Inspirational home office wall sticker

My home office has finally come to be. Now what I needed was to prettify it and when I had an opportunity to review wall stickers from Cut It Out Wall Stickers I thought it would make for a perfect decoration.

I love those simplistic designs on walls that have been flooding my Pinterest wall. It was quite hard to choose a design as they have such a beautiful selection. When you have chosen a design you can then choose the size and the color you prefer.

They have designs for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Kids Rooms and Nurseries. They also have quotes and tree and flower designs. I fell in love with so many of the designs that it’s really hard to choose.

Keeping in mind the space I had available and the color of my wall I chose the quote “Life is What You Make It” in gray. I love the quote and truly believe in it. In all my experiences this is one thing that I’ve realized.
life wall sticker close up
It makes for a nice reminder and I imagine especially on days when I feel a little blue or lost it will help me remember that I can change my attitude towards a situation and make it better all on my own.
life wall sticker above my home office
It was fairly easy to apply and it helps very much that theirs a How to Apply video you can follow and use as a guide as you apply your own sticker.

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