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I am so happy there is an easy method to turn plain walls into something you always want to look at. I think wall sticker art idea in general is just genius! It was really nice to discover a company what was created with its customers in mind.
I got to chose any wall art sticker I wanted, and it was incredibly hard and took about an hour of browsing ! So after what seemed like forever I went for this one. It`s made by the company called Cut it out wall stickers, and every single wall sticker is made to order. There is an amazing color selection to chose from and wall stickers look like they have been 'hand painted' blending very nice onto walls.
green wall
That`s how wall sticker looked when I have received it.This sticker is in size Large and it costs only £13.99. It actually sticks not only to the walls but also to smooth surfaces like tiles, glass etc..
wall sticker on the table
I applied it to my wall like a pro.(after watching a quick tutorial) If you want to know how to do it the right way press here.
It was super easy and took about 15 to 20 minutes.

And look at my wall now! How pretty is that?
I am super happy with the result and just cant stop starring at it today.
wall sticker on the wall

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