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Hi am Polly and I feel like all I’ve talked about lately is decorating! The trouble with painting one room, is that then you realise that all the other rooms need a fresh coat too. I’d been thinking about decorating our bedroom for a while, it was magolia {ugh} AND had the most hideous beige-y border I’ve ever seen. I kept htinking about it, and thinking that to take the border off I’d have to take down the curtain rail, and could I really be bothered… and then one day I went upstairs to find the curtain rail had half fallen down. I took that as my sign that yes, I was supposed to be bothered and redecorate! So decorate I did, I stripped off the border and covered the walls in bright white paint. I’m developing a love affair for white paint lately. The room looks so much bigger and lighter painted white, not to mention prettier without that *lovely* border.

Our bedroom always seems to be the most neglected room of the house, full of piles of things that have no other home. With clean walls, I managed to find homes for all those things, so for now at least, it’s a clean white haven.

Just as I was contemplating what to put on these clean white walls I now have, CUT IT OUT Wall stickers contacted me to see if I’d like one of their vinyl wall stickers to try out. After spending far too long deliberating over the website, I finally picked one. I went for a favourite quote of mine- love is all you need – perfect I thought to put over our bed. I picked for the large size sticker, in gorgeous aqua green.

When it arrived, after waiting impatiently for a day or two for my paint to be totally dry, I set to applying it. They have easy to follow instructions on their website and a video, the process was pretty straightforward, and I got it on the wall easily and quickly. There were a few fiddly moments, but all in all I was impressed at how easy it was to put up.
The wall sticker looks fantastic on our wall, I love the effect and how it adds a little colour.
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