About Me

 cut it out wall sticker team

Owner of  CUT IT OUT

Based in the heart of east London, Dalston

Since an early age I’ve always had a keen interest in design, it is for this reason that I chose to follow a creative path at both college and university. After completing my studies I perused my ambition to become a graphic designer and began working in a studio based in Central London, designing celebrity merchandise. Completing briefs for stars such as Jessie J, One direction and Olly Murs. Several years flew past, I became tired of my job and decided that I needed a drastic change! I had been designing wall vinyls for a corporate office environment, a client asked me to design a motivational quote: ‘The sky is the limit’. This was my eureka moment so to say, I was encouraged to think outside the box. I thought it would be great to make these available to everyday buyers. My doodled designs on post it notes and bits of paper soon grew to become panoramic wall art.  I bought a second hand vinyl cutting machine, sourced my materials and created my own website from start to finish. Wall stickers, wall vinyl’s, wall decals if you’re American call them what you will. I now create beautiful designs from an array of motivational quotes to delicate floral silhouettes.