I love your lady on the wall...did you paint it?

Do you remember that a few weeks ago I gave my hallway a makeover for £40 by purchasing some bright accessories? Well, shortly after I was approached by the very lovely people at Cut It Out Stickers, asking if I would like to review one of their wall vinyl's, so I jumped at it instantly knowing where I would stick one.

Cut It Out promise their customers that once the wall stickers are applied they look like they have been 'hand painted' blending seamlessly onto your walls. I was eager to test this statement, hoping that the design I had picked would really look hand painted and not as though one of the kids had splattered my wall with a giant sticker. I was not disappointed, in fact my teenage Daughter had her Friends visiting and one of them gasped as she shut our front door and said "OMG, I love your lady on the wall...did you paint it?". When I told her it was a sticker she was shocked. The teenagers totally love this sticker and want one for their bedrooms.

I found it a little bit fiddly to apply, I needed Hubby to help me. However saying that, it only took us twenty minutes and the result is so fab that I didn't mind the fiddly bits at all. There is a video on the website with full instructions, the key to applying it is slow and steady.

Bottom Line, What Do We Think? We love the one we reviewed and it adds a real 'wow' factor to a boring spot on the wall. The teenagers particularly loved it and want one for their rooms. A bit awkward to apply but well worth it and it didn't take long. The price is fabulous, very reasonable and affordable. Massive thumbs up from The Syders!

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