The room is now a lovely haven of prettiness

tree wall sticker above bed
A couple a weeks ago a company called Cut It Out contacted me asking me whether I would like to review one of their vinyl wall stickers, I was super excited by the chance and it couldn't of come at a better time. I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and his parents, and am having to spend most of my time in a pretty boyish room. So I thought what not better opportunity to add a little feminine touch with a pretty wall sticker. Cut It Out are a fairly new company specialising in personalised wall decor, they have a huge range of designs to browse through and their website is pretty inspiring when looking for decorating ideas. You can check their website out here.
After browsing back and forth on Cut It Out's website I decided to go with the blossom tree branch design, if you are like me and a very indecisive person you will have a difficult time trying to choose a sticker. There are just so many nice designs it is impossible to just choose one haha but in the end I always find it is best to go with the first choice (wise words).
tree wall sticker looks good
So when my wall sticker arrived Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get it on the wall, however I did have my doubts on how easy it was going to be to actually to apply. After watching the tutorial on how to apply to sticker (which you can find on the website) it looked surprisingly easy, so after a little preparations and tidying I went ahead and gave it a go and 'et voila'. The boyfriends room is transformed into a lovely haven of prettiness…. well almost, now I'm just left to deal with the boxing bag, numerous weights and everything else that screams 'man stuff'.

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