Stag's Head Wall Sticker

Hi I'm Charlotte and I've finally finished the spare room. I know it probably seems like an age ago since I started it, but it was occupied for a month or so, given circumstances, so to revisit it again, after a long time, was strange in a way. I felt like I needed to put a final stamp on it somehow, and considering I've had quite a thing for stags recently, this stag head wall sticker from Cut It Out was the perfect quirky edge needed to finish the room off for me.
stag head wall sticker on the wall
I have to say that I was bloody nervous about applying this beauty to my freshly painted, perfect walls, but it could have been easier - especially thanks to the step-by-step video and instructions, which saved me having to Google something for once.

I really love the way it adds another bit of 'that's unusual' to the room. This bedroom really was a blank canvas for me, and I went slightly crazy with it. Nothing really matches or 'fits together' but that in itself makes it work.
wall sticker ready to apply
I'm going to share a little room tour in the future, so keep a look-out if you're a nosey parker like me, who loves snooping around people's houses.

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