Quality of the wall sticker is superb

I chose the wall sticker with the statement design: 'Sky is the Limit.' The quality of the sticker is superb, since it is really thin yet vinyl that will give out a 'painted' feel. I am fond of 'statement shirts', and I have yet to place anything on the wall.
I was really not keen on getting anything sticky onto the walls of our flat since we're just renting it out. I have had trouble repairing damaged paint due to stickers and wall mountings. No one wants to piss off a landlord! This is an exception, it is easy to apply, with a good hold but at the same time, easy to remove (I did try to peel off a bit after application to test, and it is easy to take it off.)
Installation is a no-brainer. I just positioned it on the wall, (I did check if I got the angles right, or else the girlfriend won't be pleased), stuck it firmly from the centre, and slowly smoothed it out to the edges. This is important to avoid bubbles from forming. I slowly peeled off the top plastic cover, and there it was, a lovely reminder on the wall!

If you ever had applied a protective clear film on your phonescreen, the process is almost the same. But this is easier, I swear! No need to mind dust and dirt particles sticking while applying it :)
Their products are high quality, and the prices are superb. For UK deliveries, their free of charge. 

That's it for now, and remember, Sky is the Limit!

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