Pablo Picasso wall sticker

Pablo Picasso wall sticker on the wall
One thing that comes from having children and grandkids is ART!!! The kids LOVE to give gifts of art!! Things that they have painted, colored or drawn to the ones they love!! Kids are great artists!! I have always loved receiving homemade items!! Now that I have three grandkids I get artwork as gifts again!!! So I hang things on the fridge. I tack them on the wall. I’ve never had a ‘set’ place for my artwork. Until NOW!!!!! I am giddy with today’s review!! This is the COOLEST wall sticker!!! Cut It Out has wall stickers for every room, every taste! Every COLOR even!! Take a look at my new wall sticker!!

Every Child Is An Artist by Pablo Picasso
How perfect is that for the ‘Art Wall’ in my home?!??! I was so giddy about my wall I was texting a picture to everyone in my phone!! I love this decal!!!
Pablo Picasso wall sticker close up
Cut It Out wall art stickers are quality made! My wall sticker truly looks like I painted this saying on my wall!! (Well, if I were that talented and could actually paint! That is!!) These will last up to 25 years when applied indoors!! These are also easily removable!! So it’s safe for renters!! Professionally cut out of vinyl with no white borders or reflective overlay! These are made of premium matt finish!! It truly TRULY looks painted on my wall!!

Each and every wall sticker is made to order by Cut It Out!! In the size and color you want! I can’t believe the colors they have available!! Putting the decal on the wall is super easy! I watched the video below first and seriously, it was that easy!! Even with a large size decal like I received.
Pablo Picasso wall sticker with app tape on
There are so many more designs I want!! I would love to know which decal you would love to own and where you would put your decal!!???
I give Cut It Out two very enthusiastic thumbs way WAY UP!!!
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