Tree wall sticker shipped over to the USA

I won’t deny that I was slightly worried about buying a product from outside the U.S as I thought the delivery time would be ridiculously long, but low and behold I received my item faster than any package that I have order in the U.S. Which was so fantastic!

My sticker was really well packaged, I love the colours, lovely vivid hues. The quality of the sticker was great too. I was so excited to apply it to my wall, my only problem was finding a suitable place to position it. I’m so indecisive! It would have looked great in so many places I finally decided just above the archway of the entrance as it would be highly visible and as it was so beautiful I really wanted to place it somewhere where it would dominate the view.

blank wall ready for the tree wall sticker

I can honestly say that it took me longer to decide than actually put it up, which was terrifically simple even though my sticker was quiet large. Ladder positioned, sticker in hand, all done in 10 minutes. I simply removed the sticky adhesive and positioned it on my wall, I applied it lightly to begin with which allowed me to move the parts around until I was satisfied.

tree wall sticker with blue flowers on the wall
Voila! Isn’t it gorgeous? What is great is that I could by supplementary flowers to change it up in a couple of years. The delicacy and detail of this design really won me over but there are so many more to choose from on the website. All that’s left to do is find other areas that I could decorate in my home.
close up shot of the tree wall sticker

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