Blossom tree wall sticker review

tree wall sticker up onto my bedroom wall
Just want to share a very easy way to design my LivingRoom.
The spring comes,I can`t to wait for this moment my favorite season.
This sticker is from UK, I have been already searched for this wall sticker for a long time.Finally, I saw this on the web. I picked up the pink one,it also has another color blue.

Last winter I moved to new space for some reasons.I`m excited can have my own life.All I want to do is decorate my tiny new room ,or decorate my bedroom with flowers.

The easy and fast way to decorate your room is put stickers on the wall.
It`s also my first time to show my room with my readers,hope can have another choice to share like this again.I haven`t post with English for a long time.I hope you enjoy reading my blog❤

My simple room need some cute stuffs<3
tree wall sticker looks painted onto the wall
It took me 10 minutes to design my room wall .

with some pinky flowers and birds on the tree.
Birds chirped on the branches.

LOOK SO FRESH.and i do like pink color.
close up tree wall sticker
I don`t know how to say when I see my room wall now .My life is busy but everything will be good .When i see this pinky and lovely room wall of mine feels like here comes the sun.If you don`t know how to decorate your room easily and fast .This is one of the best choice I think.

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