Using wall stickers for interior design

green wall sticker

My conversion from working as an accountant to an interior designer might appear like such a bizarre change for all those who know me. For me accountancy was always a means to meet my end goal. I always had that creative itch in the back of my mind but knowing that any start up would need funding I took a seemingly long route to independence. I did not want to beg the banks for a start -up loan or rely on investment from my family. A quick recap of my life so far back, six years ago  I undertook an art foundation course ( which of course was met with much criticism from my family) and then a steady career path, a mathematics degree at a London university and a job for a top firm.  Many would question why I would give it all up?  Well to put things in prospective I haven’t. I have my own house, my own car and enough money to invest in all the materials, website etc. to launch my business idea. I will be honest I will be working part-time from home two days a week for my firm, but this is now on the side lines. I know that progressively I will be able to give this up but for now it gives me some financial security. That in short is all the gritty details of my past life. I have to date ten jobs lined up, a shout of horahhh please! I do have the faith and courage to make this work but I think my ego always gets in the way or rather the feeling that I must prove myself to others to be satisfied. Well my first brief is to redesign the kitchen slash living room of an entrepreneur’s Indian cookery school.

My client is so proof that dedication and being your own boss is so worth it! I have so far come up with a colour scheme to die for, infused with all those rich spice colours of the orient. I have used stand- alone units and worktops that can be rearranged to turn kitchen into living space and best of all (I will let you into a little secret) wall stickers. Wall vinyl’s I see you raise an eyebrow, yes! They are the latest accessories in home décor and improvement. So far I have sourced a beautiful peacock design with royal plumage to cover the whole of a wall. Cheap, easy to apply and change, these revolutionary adhesives save time and money for those with a small budget. I found that cut it out wall stickers to have the most extensive and original designs. Anyways my dears, I shall keep you updated with my progress at a future date.

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