oH happY Day

I have noticed in interiors magazines that wall stickers have become very popular and when CUT IT OUT contacted me to try one of their wall stickers I was very excited. They have a huge range to choose from. There are stags heads, quotes, flowers and children's designs to personalised stickers. There really is something for every taste and style.
Each sticker is designed by the graphic design team and cut out of very thin coloured vinyl so it looks like it has been painted onto your wall.
I chose a trendy design of a balloon that says 'Oh happy day' in light blue. It was actually available in 20 colours from red to silver and in a choice of sizes. For the wall area I required I picked a medium sized sticker (83cm high). The sticker was a lovely matt finish and cut out really well, we just needed to stick it to the wall following CUT IT OUT's online instructions. I must admit I did wonder how it worked and got DB to help me as he's better at instructions than me.
It was then actually very easy to attach the sticker to the wall, firstly anchoring the design down the middle with some tape to get it into the right position. Then peeling away half the backing paper, cutting that away and then smoothing the design down using a plastic card to smooth out any air bubbles. Finally after about 20 minutes you carefully peel the transfer paper off , leaving just the blue sticker and voilà a lovely design on your wall. 
I think these wall stickers are a great idea when you want to spruce up a room on a budget. The sticker I picked retails at £11.99 with free postage and packaging, which is a bargain isn't it for such a good effect. They are said to be easy to remove and I could see that would be possible, so maybe they would be good to use in rental properties or just if you fancy a change to improve a room.

I put the sticker in our family room and I think it makes a cheery addition. I love the personalised stickers which are very reasonably priced from £12.99 and would be great for a child's room.
I am Sam, mummy to a 4 year old boy and two scruffy dogs. I love the seasons and looking at the small detail in life.

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