I'm very happy with the outcome

This weekend I received a long, round package with an exiting roll of plastic inside. It was a wall sticker from Cut It Out Wall stickers. I chose this gorgeous "Sky is the limit" cloud design wall sticker in light blue, to add some pastel to my living room and I also love the inspirational text.

It was not too difficult to put up, all you need is some tape, a pair of scissors, a spirit level, and also a credit card or a rubber spatula. If you are wondering why, this video on their website explains it all. You need to use the credit card to even out the plastic from being rolled up, and also to get rid if air bubbles when putting the sticker on the wall. Basically, apply the wall sticker with some tape over the middle (see below) where you want it using the spirit level to get it perfect. Take off the paper on the back of half of the sticker and cut that bit of paper off, and then apply the sticker to the wall using the credit card or spatula. Then take off the rest of the paper and apply the rest of the sticker. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes, then take away the protective film and smooth over with a cloth. Done!
I'm so very happy with the result and also with how easy it was to put up. There are so many awesome designs on Cut It Out Wallstickers website, I'll have to visit it again when we buy a house... They're not that expensive either so I would highly recommend them :)

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