Wall stickers are the new fashion trend

kitchen wall sticker

Have you heard of them? Wall stickers are the new fashion trend everybody’s talking about. Wall stickers others call them wall decals have been around since the 70’s but only used by commercial company’s and small business owner for they promotional material. Wall stickers finished and made in Britain are the in thing in today’s interior design market, all the big players on the internet are selling them and the designs are getting better. Unlike shopping on the high street wall stickers are all hand finished and made to order and for that reason sells of them have stayed on the internet, as the online shoppers would know. Featured in the magazines and all over the shopping blogs are the new wall sticker trend, the blog comments tell you how popular they are.

The most sought after designs would be to add a fashionable trendy wall sticker illustration on one’s wall, a single painted wall in the room for example blue and to add a white wall sticker to that wall. The word has got out and supplies from the uk are also hiring graphic designers to design new up and coming illustrations hoping the social media would talk about them and the fashion industry would take note and pay attention. For the most part this has worked and for the new comers to the market I think there is room to capture the eye of the shopper, also the trendy people who would to decorate a new room in there house. I see this really exploding into something that every house hold would have and not just the fashionable people as the designs are now catering for the mass market and of all ages. The wall sticker is now on the mind of the modern shopper and it can only go one way, which would be to the high street and beyond.

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