The opening of a fashionable café in Paris

paris wall stickers

So the big move! My parents finally accomplished their lifelong dream. To live in France. Retirement? I thought that meant sitting at home enjoying the fashion channel and occasional holidays to Costa Del Sol. Well no, it involves selling your Victorian town house and settling for a Parisian apartment (quaint to say the least) but no view of the Eiffel tower and then investing your life savings in a café how fashionable.  English tea room lands in France hoorah! To be honest my scepticism is somewhat unfounded. The six months refurbishment of our little tea room has been met with much enthusiasm and impatience from the locals. They can’t wait for us to open. I have been enlisted by my mother of course as head designer. I’ve been shopping around the old vintage fashion shop to help me revamp the sad looking décor of what was once an old bistort. To live up to my new found job tittle of interior designer has been challenging to say the least. Nevertheless I prefer all the trials and tribulations of sourcing furniture, finding that right tone of paint and shouting at the builders in English with an occasional Putain! To show I mean business.

Yet the other day when I was shopping I had an epiphany. Rather than coming across as old English snobs with muted floral and mismatched porcelain. I the champion of design set my heart on breathing modern life into our décor. How? I hear you shout, well my dears… with none other than an array of catchy wall slogans let me reformulate that wall stickers, murals call them what you wish. ‘Life is a cup of tea’, ‘I like mine sweet and strong’ you get the idea, these amazing wall decals set me back a mere few pounds from an amazing wall sticker company I found on an internet shopping website. Yet they are a point of gravitational interest .Yes I may spend my days translating their meaning but trust me they are helping to rake in the business. I would rather be doing this any day then cutting perfect triangle sandwiches with mother dearest. Maybe some are lost in translation but that only adds to the good banter and laughs with our customers. I love it here vive la vie en rose! And bring on the scones.

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