Updating your bedroom: tips and décor ideas

Giving your bedroom a makeover every once in a while can be refreshing, especially when we can finally say goodbye to the colder months. A quick makeover is the best way to welcome spring and summer and transform a plain room into a stylish space which best reflects your personality. Follow these easy steps and turn your bedroom into a glamorous and neat space.
First step: refresh your bedroom with new furniture and bedding
When you plan to update your bedroom, one of the first steps is buying new furniture and new bedding. It can be easily done browsing through the many online shops, as for example Bedstar, that offers a full range of products for your bedroom – from bedding to mattresses, headboards, pillows and so on – at very good prices and they even offer next day delivery and a very serious customer service. Before settling up new furniture, remember to measure the size of your bedroom, visualize where every piece will go and see if you actually have the space to fit everything and still have enough walking space as well as enough room for drawers and wardrobe to open properly.
bed in cream

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Step two: add touches of colour to your bedroom
Adding finishing touches of colour to your bedroom is an extra step that allows you to customise your bedroom even more. Be careful not to exaggerate though, in order not to clutter the space. You can hang some decorative frames above the bed or choose a nice vase to put on the side table or on the vanity.

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Why not to place some extra cushions with mixed textures and geometric patterns on the bed to add a pop of colour or add statement wall stickers to quickly spice up your walls. In fact, wall stickers are a very fun and easy way to finish off the redecoration project adding a modern touch to your bedroom; they come in a variety of designs - floral, geometric, writings and so on - and sizes, they are easy to apply and they can also be replaced without effort.
bedroom wall sticker

(Picture taken from the following reference: http://www.tapja.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Floral-modern-wall-design-and-wall-sticker-in-bedroom.jpeg)

Follow these easy steps and ideas to add colour, personality and style to your bedroom.

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