I have beautiful dreams now :)

There is a HUGE choice of stickers, for all rooms in the house, all shapes and sizes, loads of colours, and you can even personalise your sticker.

I chose a simple bird out of the cage design, with the word ‘Dream’ for above our bed. I thought it was kind of kitsch and shabby chic and would fit well with our bed and bedroom. The sticker took a few days to arrive and it really wasn’t difficult to put up at all.
Okay, it took two of us, but it wasn’t hard. There’s a step-by-step video ‘how-to’ on the website, which is really easy to follow, concise and will ensure your wall sticker goes up perfectly!
It’s a bit ‘faffy’ at times – our hands did get a little stuck when we were peeling back the top layer of adhesive, but we managed to un-stick ourselves and get the sticker up!
I think I am in love with the wall sticker now!  They’re an easy way to add something to a room without having to completely decorate, and you can change them about when you feel like it.
Each Cut It Out wall sticker is made to order and hand finished in the UK, each one cut out of very thin coloured vinyl giving the impression it was painted onto your wall.

Our Dream “bird out of the cage” sticker was £11.99, prices on the site start at £9.99. It’s a great way to add a new dimension to a room in your home really easily.

If you fancy having a go at changing up your decoration and adding a wall sticker, then i would defiantly recommend it !

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Happy Sticking!

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