coffee wall sticker and stars, what a combo !

coffee wall sticker


The decal is quiet large which is perfect, it fills the space nicely. It has stars on it – say no more… I love it! I chose a grey slate colour.



I positioned the sticker onto the wall, fastening it with a strip of masking tape running horizontally through its centre peeled away half of the sticker cut the excess backing paper, pressed the vinyl down firmly ensuring that I smoothed out any air bubbles. I repeated this process on the other side (there are full instructions on the Cut It Out website including a short video if you need any further instructions).



coffee wall sticker on the wall

It wasn’t complicated and probably took me about ten minutes, that’s all.  Then the fun part is peeling off the clear top layer to reveal the vinyl image on the wall below.



close up of wall sticker

wall sticker looking good

Ahhh…a short pause to admire my handy work and a cup of coffee obviously. A perfect design! The cut it out website promises the thinness of its vinyl, I can vouch for that it really does appear as if the design has been painted onto my wall by artistic sign maker. Et voila! A bespoke design just for me.

wall sticker looks painted on

Oh and as a plus point although the vinyl is thin it definitely does not affect its tenacity. It resisted to all my tugging and smoothing during application.

I would really recommend these wall vinyls as they are an easy way to transform any interior. The sticker are reasonably priced and available from CUT IT OUT website so take a look and start planning which space you could embellish in your home!

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